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March 🍀

March means green kitchen towels, green books, Irish dance performances, Irish limericks, a special St. Patrick’s Day dinner, celebrating the founding of the Relief Society and remembering two of our grandpa’s birthdays and many of ancestors!

I was happy to get this preserved boxwood wreath on sale at Target. I love the brilliant green of boxwoods! I just love nature and all the variety of color, texture, size and shape that the Lord uses in his creations.

I love the Irish blessings. We aren’t Irish, but I love learning about Ireland and the culture and traditions that they enjoy.

Shamrocks are the best plant centerpiece for March! They are very hardy, the blooms are darling, the leaves close up at night and open in the morning. Good lesson there, too, about calling it a night when it gets dark and getting up in the morning! 🍀

If you aren’t familiar with Irish dance music, I would recommend it, particularly if you want some music to get your children moving in the morning. This album, Swept Away by Lindsay Davis and Russell Wulfenstein, will get your feet stepping. You basically just want to dance when you hear it, it’s so upbeat.

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