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French (Bonjour, Mes Amis! ©) and Finnish (and other languages)

I love the French language! I would be happy to teach your child in small group classes or privately.

I began learning French from a Parisian woman when I was 10. (To learn more about my educational background, see my résumé.)

In a small group class, we would memorize poems, learn to count, learn songs in French, learn to read French stories, learn a traditional French dance, learn basic conversational words and phrases, and learn to cook (something like a Croque Monsieur, par exemple).

Each student would receive a binder with worksheets, audio files emailed to them (or given a CD if they don’t have mp3 players/computer at home), and a children’s book in French.

Cost for lessons? This depends on how many children are in the class, so contact me to discuss the cost. Tutoring/private lessons are typically $20/half-hour. I have taught Skype lessons.

To register for a class or tutoring/lessons, please email me: Liz@raisingamazingchildren.com. Classes are scheduled on an individual basis and depend upon scheduling availability.

If you are currently a student of mine, go here for the lesson pages:

Leçon 1: Introduction

Leçon 2: La Prière

Here are some posts I’ve written about learning French:

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I also love Finnish, although I’m less than a novice in learning it! Here are posts on learning this beautiful language:

Finnish Children’s Songs

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