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Nauvoo Gingerbread

Scovil Bakery Nauvoo gingerbread

This kind missionary sister let me take her picture serving the gingerbread cookies. We have those exact gingerman and gingerwoman cookie cutters at home, and I love to give them as part of my wedding gifts!

When I first tasted gingerbread from the Scovil Bakery in Nauvoo, Illinois, I knew I wanted to make it at home. Just think: My great-great-great grandmother Lucy Morley may have eaten the same recipe from the store, which was next door to the recreation hall! Kind of like stopping to get ice cream after the dance. Some traditions span generations! Plus, I’m a gingerbread fan. So this recipe is a keeper.


The bakery was reconstructed on its original foundation. This photo from lds.org. (Click on the photo to go to the photo.)

Today this recipe comes someone else’s blog (click on that link), because I didn’t pick up a copy of the recipe while we were just there, thinking that I had it at home. Silly me! In just tying to find it, it isn’t where I thought it is. When I find the one got years ago when we first got the recipe, I will post it here instead of using that link!

Scovil bakery cookie cutters

I love how the cookie cutters hang over the little ovens (the red handled box). I remember that when we were a young married couple, I hung cookie cutters above my cupboards in our second apartment kitchen. (Cheap decorating!) I’ll have to dig into my photo archives to see if I can dig that up…which actually translates into asking Lane to help me sift through our thousands of digital photos which aren’t organized. (Yep, that’s one project I haven’t taken on yet.)




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