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Yellow brick road reading chartSummer is a unique time of the year for traditional-year school children and parents, because you suddenly go from a routine of structure to nothing–unless you provide a structure at home.

Providing this structure has been a challenge for as long as parents have had children in school, from what I have read.

I love discovering ways parents have met this challenge. My sister has always provided an elaborate home school experience during the summers that any child would want to attend. She picks a theme for the week, such as a country, and they do everything (reading, writing, art, music, food, field trips) around that theme: a country, an invention, an artist. She pours all of her heart and mind into making their homeschool a magical experience. Her children are evidence of great nurturance in her creative and educational efforts.

My way of preparing summer structure has changed summer to summer. It’s more hodge-podgey. I will try to excavate from my journals things that we have done during the summer. Here are some of the things we have done to encourage creativity, continued learning, skill development, and strengthened relationships:

The load (self-management plan for summer)

Why should I take my child to the library this summer?


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