Anna sings Frozen
Anna sings a song excerpt from “Frozen” for her sibling’s dinner date in the dining room.

Anna was doing a “hair show” for me, using the 18″ doll she had gotten for Christmas as her model. (What a quiet, willing helper! She stands perfectly still and never cries when you pull her hair while brushing!) anna taught me how to do a “twist” braid, a top knot bun, and how shiny her dolls hair could be when brushed. “The results are worth the effort!” she crooned.

Rebecca, eating her bowl of cereal, muttered, “I’m just glad these dolls don’t have dandruff!”

Anna was pulling all the papers out of her backpack before heading to school. She showed me some white strips of blank paper used for making mini snowflakes. I asked her if she wanted to make more, or if she was tired of making snowflakes (it being January). She sounded like someone else I know when she said, “I never get tired of being creative.”

Liza, who has loved cooking since she was tiny, donned an apron and got ready to seer a roast for dinner. She set a goal to make all the dinners for the week and cheerfully got to work. (No joke. This is all true.) Suddenly, she remembered something: “Anna! You are my minion for the week!” Part of her Young Women Personal Progress goal is to teach someone else how to cook, so Anna volunteered. “I’m her minion!” Anna chirped. Seriously? How did I get this lucky?! And I will cheerfully bow out of the kitchen…



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