On Abbreviation and Alliteration

2/5/15 NOTE: I stopped using abbreviations at the beginning of my posts. But you can search using these abbreviations to see posts previously titled this way.

I love alliteration. (I figure it’s half the reason my husband married me: my name Liz fits right into the world he knew and loved so well–6 siblings all with names beginning with L.)  I usedtitle my posts beginning with abbreviations derived from alliterations, representing the way I organize my week and my blog. Here’s my list:

SOS: Source of Strength (Ideas related to the Sabbath and how the gospel of Jesus Christ is my source of strength in life and in nurturing others)

Mmmm: Mondays, Meals, and Making Memories (Ideas related to Monday activities, including Family Home Evening, recipes in my family cookbook, and healthy living)

3T: Tuesday’s Terrific Tip (Ideas related to Tuesday activities, including housecleaning, home organization, and other “Mom Tips”)

RWM: Read with Me (Ideas related to Wednesdays, including literacy, literature at home and in the school, our favorite books, as well as music we love and teaching children music, etc.)

Psst! Passionate about Serving Suggestions on Thursday (Ideas related to Thursdays, including service, volunteerism, missions)

FF: Fun for All and All for Fun (Ideas related to Fridays, including dating, relationships, vacations, and having fun–as a mom, as a child, a married couple, and a family)

RTW: Saturday’s Child is Ready to Work (Ideas related to Saturdays, work, job charts, financial management)

FH: Family History. My family tree, and all things related.

GC: Great Quotes! I’ve been collecting great quotes since I was a child. These are some of my favorites.

LL: Live and Learn. Life lessons in a nutshell.

LOL: Reasons to laugh out loud! I’ve had plenty. I’m trying to remember them with these posts.

MF: Updates on our missionaries and all things related to being a missionary mom. We are a Missionary Family!

Albeit alliteration isn’t addictive, it is informative, isn’t it?

Happy Alliterating and Abbreviating,

Liz 🙂

P.S. While the movie Mr. Popper’s Penguins isn’t a movie I would necessarily recommend–especially without a language filter–I love the character “Pippi” whose entire script is alliteration using the letter P. Somebody had a creative job crafting those comments!

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