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Dealing with Depression: a few (more) things I’ve learned

There isn’t one single thing that has helped me deal with depression. There are many small and simple ways that have. Some ways have required ongoing work over many years, such as establishing and maintaining an exercise habit. All of these habits have helped me develop a more positive, healthy mindset (neuropathways that support good mental health).

One of the great blessings in my life is recognizing when I am heading towards depression and when I can take steps to avert it. That is how I know that these steps work.

And here is number 51: GO TO THE TEMPLE.

Number 52: GO ON VACATION! Especially in the dead cold of winter!

Number 52: LEARN HOW TO SOLVE PROBLEMS. I need to write a post on this sometime!

Number 53: KEEP THE COMMANDMENTS. “In this there is safety, in this there is peace.”

As all mental health advocates, I would encourage anyone on medication to not stop taking it without consulting your prescribing physician.

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