College cousin dinners 🍽

We love college cousin dinners! This is when we invite a big group of college-age folks to dinner: our children, their roommates, and extended family and children of friends who are all attending college locally. I’m not sure when we started having “college cousin dinners”–maybe it was when Sarah went to college?

Feeding a big group can take a lot of preparation. It’s worth it. There is a wonderful feeling of “this is what home is really about” when you are feeding a group of hungry students.

Here are some of our favorite recipes that can be doubled or quadrupled to accommodate a crowd (recipes will be added over time–if the link isn’t here, come back later):

Banana cake

Broccoli dipping sauce

Cherry cardamom rolls

Chicken noodle soup

Crockpot chicken

Desert weed potatoes

Finnish bread

Jasmine rice

Lemon bars

Lemon cake

Mashed potatoes

Mint brownies

Pico de gallo

Pomegranate avocado grapefruit salad

Poppy seed cake

Pork roast

Potato cheese chowder

Roasted red pepper soup

Russian chicken

Spinach apple salad

Thyme corn

Turtle brownies


And here are some posts about our favorite dinners (with menus):

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