Halloween 🎃

Nate and his companion carved pumpkins during October on his mission in Peru. The middle pumpkin is the mission logo.

I’m not a big fan of Halloween, but it’s such a fun part of childhood to get to dress up in a costume and go trick-or-treating, and I had such fond memories of it as a child, that I decided to let our children participate in the tradition.

I don’t decorate our home with any “dark” or evil-looking decorations. We limited the amount of candy the children could keep and eat afterwards. (Halloween seems to be a gluttony-promoting kind of event, right?) We also don’t let children older than 12 or 13 go out to ask for candy. (I feel like it is not very nice to have older children getting something for nothing!) But candy trading and sharing are definitely fun moments after trick-or-treating.

We often have hosted a movie night while people are out trick-or-treating so that we can have a fun family night at home–we let the older children invite a friend or friends or cousins. Go here to see some movies we have enjoyed as a family.

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