Remember Them

P0000318(They grow up SO fast.)

I remember once when Sarah was little–I think she was 3 years old–and I was holding her hand and walking up the three steps from our lower level to our main floor. In that instant, that completely ordinary, every day moment, it was as it time stopped for a split second. I realized that I would never have this moment with her again! She would never be that old, holding my hand, needing my help climbing stairs, and that once over, it would not return exactly the same again.

That really impressed me. It helped me recognize how much I needed to begin savoring the little moments with my children. Because now Sarah is in college, working, studying, socializing, but not so much with me. She doesn’t need to hold my hand very often. Those days have passed.

I have been so grateful for all the photos we have taken, all the journals I have written, all the funny sayings I recorded that they children said, because I couldn’t remember them all. Time passes, life is so full, and it is funny to think how quickly I can forget the very memories and moments that are so dear. Thank goodness for recorded memories!

Here are posts I have written about ways we can preserve memories:



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