I Have a Garden

I have a garden, a lovely garden,
With flowers blossoming ever fair;
Where sun shines brightly, and rain falls lightly, 
And breezes gather sweet fragrance there.
Songbirds come singing out of the sky;
Butterflies winging, hovering by;
And in my garden, my lovely garden,
There's always beauty to greet the eye.

--"I Have a Garden" by Mary Hale Woolsey

Sometimes when I am gardening, this song from my childhood comes to my mind. I wish that in my garden, the sun always shone and the rain only fell lightly and that it was always beautiful. Not so! My garden undergoes much transformation day after day. Some of it is lovely, and some of it is not. But it brings me great joy!

I decided I needed a page to track what I plant in my garden and other things I learn as I go on my blog because every other place I track my garden does not seem well organized yet. This is one place that I always come back to! Today, I’m creating this page to keep it all together in one spot.

It’s May 23, 2020, and the tulips came and went. They were glorious this year! I loved going out everyday to see the green tips appear above the cold, dark winter dirt; then the leaves, and then the stems with a bud on top. And at last! When the sun had shone sufficiently, the first blooms began to open. Oh! Joy! I loved it so much, every day.

Then they began to wilt and die, the petals falling off, the leaves yellowing. And with the spring weather and our daughter’s engagement, it was time to cut down the tulips and plant what I wanted for the garden to look like for the wedding. And that is where we are today! Everything is planted. Some things have started blooming. The perennials that would come back from last year are doing so. The other ones died and were dug up. Fresh annuals and other perennials were purchased at the nursery, and some seeds from my husband’s cousin that she gave me just this week went into the ground as the final addition.

It’s all a grand experiment! I can’t wait to see how it looks as the days go by!

Here is what is growing in our flower garden in 2020*:

The reddish succulent in the border is Sedum firecracker. It’s green neighbor is Allium ‘Serendipity.’ It should have purple globe-type blooms in July. The tree in the middle is a ‘Black Tulip’ magnolia. The arch behind the tree has a row of Armeria maritima Thrift ‘Splendens.’ They have delicate little pink globe blooms as well, but smaller than the allium. The next row is zinnia ‘Zahara Raspberry Lemonade Mix.’ Can’t wait to see them bloom! The big border is the Candytufy ‘Purity’ that was so beautifully in bloom in March and April. I pruned it down a third when the blooms started to go, as per a video I watched, and hope it will re-bloom before the summer is gone!

To the left of the stepping stones are two rows of white lobelia. The next row is alternating gold ‘Solanna Golden Sphere’ coreopsis and ‘Superbena Large Lilac Blue’ verbena hybrid. To the left of that is a white plant whose name I’ve forgotten alternating with evolulus hybrid ‘Blue My Mind.’

To the left of that row towards the bottom of the photo is a hydrangea plant that hopefully will bloom blue. Moving upward in the photo and to the right in the arc, there are iceland poppies, peonies, blue dephinium (‘Magic Fountains Pure White’) snapdragon (white, fuchsia), Campanula ‘Appeal Deep Blue’. In the back (top) left corner, there is another (pink) hydrangea that I’m hoping I can fertilize sufficently that it will bloom and, if my gardening stars align, be blue as well. Next to the hydrangea there are bright pink zinnias (‘Profusion Cherry’), white alyssum, iris ‘Butter and Sugar,’ the ‘Zahara’ Raspberry Lemonade’ zinnias again, and some white snapdragons. I planted 6 very large white lilium ‘Casa Blanca’ to the left of the Siberian iris ‘Caeser’s Brother,’ as well as some of the zinnias and some of the four o’clocks seed. Lots of little snapdragon seedlings are beginning to grow to the right of the purple iris.

In the pots on the deck I did herbs with white salvia in the center. The herbs are labeled, but here’s what we planted: lemon grass (cymbopogon), chives, arugula (‘Eruca vesicaria sativa’), lemon verbena, French and English thyme, ‘Genovese Pesto’ basil, extra triple curled parsley, sweet marjarom, Italian oregano, Rue, ‘Tuscan Blue’ rosemary, and ‘Hopley Purple’ oregano. I also added in Calibrachoa Premier Grape Splash and Verbena hybrid ‘Superbena Whiteout.’

In between the rocks on the right side of the waterfall we planted moss phlox (‘Candy Stripes’) and creeping phlox (‘White Delight’). I hope they survive this year!

We also put some white Alyssum in the Japanese maple bed as a border, but it’s not faring so well in the shade, so we added some white Impatiens (also known as “Busy Lizzie!”). Eliza also selected and planted the red Heuchera (‘Georgia plum’) and Heuchera (‘Electric Lime’ or ‘Red Lightning’–not sure!). I love the contrast of the greens and reds by the maple!

At the base of the crabapple tree, there is white Alyssum and white Salvia.

In the bed at the top of the hill are white Vinca for the border and white Annabelle hydrangea as the main attraction.

Along the west fence we added white Rosa Iceberg wild roses in between the alternating Philadephus ‘Minnesota Snowflake’ (mock orange) and Rose of Sharon shrubs.

On the west side of the house I planted a LOT of lillium (‘Casa Blanca,’ ‘Stargazer,’ ‘Lilac Cloud,’ and ‘Cassini’), some Calocephalus ‘Silver Stone’ and Lobularia hybrid ‘Snow Princess’ (alyssum) with a border of white Lobelia and lavender at the south end and Philadelphus at the north end.

The Japanese wisteria that I planted three years ago at Nate and Hunter’s wedding is coming along nicely over the gate. I hope it will bloom this year!

I planted an Eastern Snowball (Viburnum opulus ‘Sterile’) in the southwestern corner of the yard.

I also planted phlox in between the rocks in the front. It looked so good while in bloom! I wish it could bloom longer….

In the white forged plant stand with the coco liner, we potted a Daphne caucasica ‘Summer Ice.’ This is new to me this year. I added some Alyssum as a filler and Bacopa.

Next year I’d really love to plant a white flowering dogwood tree. We’ll see if Lane will go for another tree in the yard?

In the vegetable garden, we’ve planted some tomatoes, basil, fennel, carrots, peas, melon, and beets. We need to finish planting asap but still have some sprinklers to fix in one of the boxes. The honeysuckle vine growing over the arbor entrance to the garden is going well. And the butterfly bush, purple lilac bush, and yellow daylily plant are all coming back well. I’ve got to figure out what bug devours my butterfly bush leaves every year! I love how these plants attract humming birds, bees, and butterflies–AND they sell so good!

What a happy day for me now to have this page created! I can throw away all the little labels I saved from planting so that I can remember what I planted next year, when I’m planning and heading to the nursery.

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