LOL: Time + crisis = humor (Live and learn and laugh about it)


Today was a life lesson learned. Not a big one, not really a crisis, but something I didn’t laugh about when it happened. I kind of wanted to cry. But then I just figured it was something to learn from and laugh about later. LIVE AND LEARN (and LAUGH), right?

While every day, week, month and year have lessons in them for us to gobble up (picture yourself as a little Pac Man along the path of life), some lessons stand out more prominent than others. Today’s lesson is “What not to do when you are migrating data from one website media library to another.”

I have been transferring the last four years’ worth of data from a website I created for our school music program to our PTA website, so that I don’t have to keep up the website when I’m no longer serving in that position. Easy enough.

But when I thought I was copying audio files out of the media library, by dragging the file from the media library onto my desktop, I had a thought to check on how that was going. I double-clicked on one of the icons to double-check the transfer. And all that popped up was the icon.

Translation: Hours and hours of preparing practice vocal recordings for children in choir for each icon (=each song) now “deleted permanently” from the media library.

OK, so it’s not quite so dramatic. I hope. I think I have back-up files for each of those recordings. I just have to dig through my folders and find them. OK, well do a search one by one. And that’s after searching to figure out which ones I deleted, since the icons don’t say the song name, only “audio-1” or “audio-2”, etc.


20-minute job just expanded into 2 hours at least.

Well, live and learn.

The next time that “Delete permanently?” message comes up, think twice about hitting return.

OK. Onward and upward.

Happy Living, Learning, and Laughing,

Liz 🙂



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