LOL: Boiled chicken guts and ballet slippers


One night this week we were very late getting home and getting dinner ready. Lane arrived a few minutes after I had started preparing ingredients for an omelet using the leftover Easter ham. He wasn’t super excited about the omelet idea. Peter walked in at this moment and asked what was for dinner. Lane replied, “Boiled chicken guts.”

I appreciate Lane’s humor so much in moments where otherwise we might be tempted to shoot off irritated responses. Perhaps you, like me, can be less than patient when it’s late and everyone is hungry and dinner isn’t made. I love it when he says something that helps keep even the smallest moments light-hearted.

Eliza and I were shopping for new ballet slippers for her yesterday. (I wish I had taken a photo of this with my phone so you could get the picture. I’ll do my best with a 1000 words instead. Sorry!)  Eliza asked if there were any of those nylon peds that shoe stores have for trying on shoes without socks. The saleswoman indicated a can full of them, and we pulled out a couple. But we could not figure out how to get them on. They simply looked like a tiny rectangle of nylon. Eliza and I were both perplexed, stretching the nylon this way and that. Finally, I just stretched the piece over the front of her toes and stuck the slipper on her foot. The slipper was too small, so we took it off and the nylon fell off her toes. Just then the saleswoman came over, and we asked her what we were supposed to do with the nylon. She said, “You have to open it at the top…” and proceeded to show how it was, indeed, a stocking that opened to slip in your foot.


OK, seriously. It was like a grocery store bag moment when you can’t get a produce bag open. Know what I mean?

We both laughed so hard, mostly from embarrassment!


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