Buckwheat, chocolate chip, apple raisin pancakes

Happy Mother’s Day! Here’s a little musical celebration of Mother’s Day breakfasts the world over!

Early Sunday morning, Dad came into our room and said,  “Shhh.
Let’s not wake Mommy! We’re gonna make Mommy breakfast in bed.”
Mother’s Day, Mother’s Day, our own mommy’s special day is here.

We went down to the kitchen, opened up the cupboard door. “Let’s see: What would she like?”
Granola? No. Hot oatmeal? No. Pancakes! Yeah! With syrup! Yeah! And bacon! “Mommy won’t eat bacon.”
She will on Mother’s Day (Go get the cookbook), Mother’s Day (We’ll need some aprons), our own mommy’s special day is here.

Let’s see. Pancakes. Hmm. Page 215 in The Joy of Cooking. Eggs, flour, wheat germ, lots of other stuff.
Kids see if you can find the baking soda. How ’bout baking soda? Close enough!
Mother’s Day (I’ll make the O.J.), Mother’s Day (I’ll fold the napkins), our own mommy’s special day is here.

O.K. Everything ready? Showtime! Mother’s Day (Up the stairway, open up your eyes, Mom), Mother’s Day (Through the doorway, here’s your big surprise!), our own mommy’s special day is here (Wake up, Mom, your breakfast tray is here).
“Oh my goodness! Is this for me? What are all these lovely things you’ve brought me? Did you really make it all yourselves?
Buckwheat, chocolate chip, apple-raisin pancakes! I can’t wait to taste them! Mmm. Mmmmmm!”

Mother’s Day (Do you like it, Mom?), Mother’s Day (It’s indescribable), our own mommy’s special day is Mother’s Day. (Have another one) Mother’s Day (They’re very filling), our own mommy’s special day is here. What a shame it’s only once a year! Just one month ’till Father’s Day is here!

Happy Enjoying All Those Wonderful Homemade Gifts,

Liz 🙂


P.S. This song comes from Tom Chapin’s album “Moonboat,” one of our family’s favorite CDs over the years.

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