LOL: Is not! Is, too!

Bill Harley

I’m working in the mud room this morning and a song comes into my head:

“Is not!” “Is, too!”

“Is not! Is not!” “Is, too! Is, too!”

“Is not! Is not! Is not! Is not!” “Is, too! Is, too! Is, too! Huh!”

And I remember what it’s from: Bill Harley‘s song from “Favorite Stories” night last Friday that Lane and I attended. And sang. And laughed!

That song! Boy, do I wish I had a video of that night. Not only Bill singing it, and the ASL interpreter signing it, but both halves of that whole amphitheater singing and signing together and laughing over how funny sibling arguing can be.

Children bickering is not often funny in the moment, and it can nearly drive a parent crazy, but it sure is funny to sing about later.

Saturday one of my children tracked me down to file a complaint against a sibling who had just done xyz. I started singing a song off the top of my head (an adaptation of one that’s stuffed in there) that went like this:

Be like a duck! Quack!
And let it run off your back! (repeat ad nauseum until your child begs you to stop)

Wooeee! It’s good to have songs and funny stories to remember to make light of stuff that isn’t as heavy as it feels in the moment. Maybe the next time my children start to argue, I can remember Bill’s song (or the instaDuck song) and start singing it.

Happy Laughing at the Silly Stuff,

Liz 🙂

*Sandra Boynton’s “Be Like a Duck” is from her songbook Philadelphia Chickens. Very silly stuff.



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