LOL: “I hate that word.”

water gun boys Jackson Peter

One of my daughters was upset with her sister who was, in her opinion, taking too long in the bathroom. Her sister’s crime? Clipping her toenails!

The audacity!

I joked with the daughter for a minute, and then I teased her, “There’s a great secret in life. It’s spelled P-A-T-I-E-N-C-E.”


Her reply: “I hate that word.”

As I’m typing, I get a phone call. From another daughter who is outside.

Her: “Mom! Peter says he’s having a water fight outside. While I’m tanning.”

Me: “You better get another towel or an umbrella.”

Her: “Mom!”

Ahhh: Spring break. Teenage daughters. Bathrooms. Tanning sisters and little brothers armed with water guns! So much fun.

This is what why I have so much on-the-job humor.

Happy Enjoying,

Liz 🙂

2 thoughts on “LOL: “I hate that word.””

    • Back in the day? I’m pretty sure that if your sister showed up with a water gun, you would have no problem jumping right back in. That’s one thing I love about your family–you are so good at playing together!

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