LOL: The lighter side of motherhood

Blank weight scale

If I were more savvy in photo editing, I’d put the words “Your body is a gift. Keep trying to take care of it. You can do it!”

January is the well-known month for making weight-loss resolutions. My goal this year is to stay light, but I’m not talking pounds. I’m talking about how I handle my stress load.

I can’t always change my stress load. My responsibilities are what they are. But I can handle them better. Humor definitely keeps me on the lighter side of my naturally sober personality, so I decided today, after having a funny moment, I should write it down. I  need more good humor in my life!

So here’s my new resolution/category: “LOL.” I’ll just record some funny moment whenever it happens or whenever I can post it. Then even if I forget to come back and read them when I need them, maybe someone else can get a good laugh!


Today when I was visiting a friend, we were discussing potty training. I was reminiscing and expressing gratitude that I had climbed that mountain with each child and was over it!

Then we were talking music lesson plans and trying out some harmonies that could go along with the song, “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star.” I said to my friend, “I’ll sing harmony, and you sing Tinkle. ”

“I mean, Twinkle.”

Gotta love those Freudian slips.

Happy Staying Light,

Liz 🙂



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