LOL: We have the funniest sayings

Bocce ball Sarah

Eliza just said to me, “I love how our family has the funniest sayings.”

We do have some awesome sayings. Here are just a sprinkling from off the top of our heads (which mixed metaphor makes it sound like I’m about to write about dandruff, but I’m not):

“It’s hotter than Hades.”

“Settle down, Sparky.”

“They’re driving like molasses!”

“Don’t get your knickers in a knot!”

“Heaven’s to Betsy!”



“Jimminy Crickets.”

“It’s sixes whether…”

There are lots more. And I’m not even including the movie quotes. Just hang around us for us while, and you’ll be adding to our list.

Happy “Just Saying,”

Liz 🙂

P.S. Funny sayings come in handy, particularly while playing Bocce ball with your extended family. I can’t remember any that I heard during that game pictured above. (I was mostly wrapping presents that day while they played.) Just thought it was a funny photo and could bank on someone having said something cheeky.

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