LOL: Why did you write “Yo?!”

yoyo dinnerImagine a teenage voice with a hint of incredulity and a whiff of sarcasm asking me this morning, “Why did you write ‘Yo’ on the yo-yo, Mom?”

My answer: “You know, like ‘YO!’…To be FUNNY.”

Teenager: “Oh.”

I know. Imagine a mother having a sense of humor.

At least I got my own joke!

Happy Cracking Jokes that Your Children Don’t Get,

Liz 🙂

P.S. “YoYo” for dinner means “You’re on your own.” Learned it from my niece, Maggie. 🙂  We often have one weekend night in which the children get to eat whatever they can figure out on their own. Great way to learn how to be self-reliant!


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