French (Bonjour, Mes Amis! ©) and Finnish (and other languages)

I love the French language! I currently am not teaching French to anyone aside from my own children, but I loved teaching conversation labs when I was a university student and have enjoyed teaching and tutoring on a private level since then.

I began learning French from a Parisian woman when I was 10, in fourth grade, in Palo Alto. I sure wish I could find the woman who taught my class to thank her for how she blessed my life!

I have started a French language resource page for those of you who are learning French or want to help your children learn this beautiful language:

French learning resource page

The following are a few password protected lesson pages for when I do teach French lessons:

Leçon 1: Introduction

Leçon 2: La Prière

Here are some posts I’ve written about learning French:

Jacques 1:5-6

Le Livre de Mormon (audio)

Amazon France

Point Com

I also love Finnish, although I’m less than a novice in learning it! Here are posts on learning this beautiful language:

Finnish Children’s Songs

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