French Learning Resource Page 🇫🇷🇨🇦🇨🇭

Do you want to learn French? Here are some resources that I use to improve my French or to help my children learn it.


YouTube has made learning a language so much easier! Here are some suggestions for videos that will help you hear the language spoken by native speakers:

How-to videos are great! Whe you get to the end of watching one video, of course, You Tube will give you suggestions at the end for more. Here are some I’ve found:

Martine is a French children’s book series that had audio narration as well on CD (when I bought them–see books below). When I went to Montreal last, I bought a DVD of some of the episodes. You can get a taste of one of the episodes on YouTube.

Little children speaking in French is simply adorable:

One word of caution: Just like in the USA, not all videos have appropriate content! I think generally speaking, so just keep that in mind. Bonne chance!


You can often select a different language on movies (such as Disney DVDs). Check your settings to see if a movie you already own happens to be in French or simply just French subtitles.





I really like listening to One Thing in a French Day and reading the transcript to this 2-3 minute podcast. (You pay a small amount for the written transcript, but the audio is free.) This is a French young mom sharing small snippets of her life living close to Paris.

Social Media

I follow some French “Instagram moms” on my Instagram feed.