Learning Finnish

When I started dating Lane, I learned that he had served a mission in Finland. Because I love languages, I naturally asked him to start teaching me Finnish.


Some Finns say that only children and Mormon missionaries can really learn to speak Finnish. I can see why!

Nevertheless, ever the cockeyed optimist, I still wanted to try. I learned to say “I love you” and “Welcome.” I can also say “Elder” and “Sister,” “thank you” and to sing “I am a Child of God.”

And that’s about where things stood for over 2 decades, until last year, when I decided to pick it back up again. (Pick it back up again? Like I really ever had a grip on it…. I should say “renew my efforts to learn Finnish.”)

I heard a young mom speaking Finnish to her children at a Suzuki violin institute. We visited and became friends. Later, when I made this goal, I asked her if she and her children would be interested in making some recordings for me to help me learn, since songs are such an easier way to learn a language for me.

She said yes!

The recordings below are thanks to her and her family’s generous efforts. (Kiittos, Yorgasons.)

To go to the PDF sheet music for each song, click here and select “Suomi” as the language. Click under “Download” on the tiny PDF icon and the music should open on your screen. Or click here for the PDF of the entire songbook and scroll to the page number noted next to each song. OR you can go to the song in English and select “Suomi” from the language list (look for where it says “English” in a little selection window and change it to Suomi). Then it will take you to the song in Finnish. Click on the blue link to go to the PDF of the song.

Change the language to Suomi:

To find a hymn in Finnish, simply go to the English version on lds.org and scroll down. There is a list of languages in which the hymn shown is available. Click on the link for the hymn in Suomi (Finnish). Here’s an example of the hymn “Abide with Me!

You can choose the language at the top, just like with the Children’s Songs:

Or select the language from the sidebar link:

AFTER the recordings below are an 8 1/2″ x 11″ poster of James 1:5-6 (and accompanying recordings) in Finnish.

Oon lapsi Jumalan (“I Am a Child of God”- p.2 in Lasten Laulukirja)

Oon lapsi Jumalan lyrics, spoken slower word-by-word:

Lause kerrallaan (One phrase at a time):

Viela hitaammin (More slowly):

Hitaasti puhuttuna (Speaking slowly):

Sua kiitän mä Isåni (“I Thank Thee, Dear Father“-p.9 in Lasten Laulukirja)

Hartaina, hiljaa vain (“Reverently, Quietly” -p.11 in Lasten Laulukirja)

Harras olla yritän (“I Will Try to Be Reverent“-p.13 in Lasten Laulukirja)


Taivaallinen Isä rakastaa minua (“My Heavenly Father Leaves Me” -p.16 Lasten Laulukirja)


Kerrothan taas Jeesuksesta (“Tell Me the Stories of Jesus” -p.36 in Lasten Laulukirja)

Jeesuksen Kristuksen kirkko (“The Church of Jesus Christ“- p.48 in Lasten Laulukirja)


Kasteen jälkeen (“When I Am Baptized”–p.53 in Lasten Laulukirja)


Perheeni Mulle Rakas On (“Families Can Be Together Forever” – p.98 in Lasten Laulukirja)