Love your spouse


One of the best things we can do to nurture children in our families is to love our husband (or if you’re a husband, love your wife).


Speaking from experience, it is so wonderful to see your mother loved by your father, and vice-versa. One of the most heartbreaking, worst experiences is to witness the opposite. God never intended husbands or wives to be unkind to each other.

Loving our spouse sets the tone for everything else that happens in the home. When my children see my husband and I happy together, they feel happier themselves. Statistics show that anxiety, depression, and domestic violence all increase in homes where husbands don’t love their spouses. Our children may tease us for kissing in the kitchen, but they love it when we hold hands and hug. They have never heard my husband raise his voice to me in anger. Kindness and respect are among the best gifts Lane gives me all the time–far better than precious jewels, flowers, perfume, delicious chocolate, or gift cards to my favorite clothing store.

Before I got married, I never thought it would be hard to show love towards my husband. I was naïve and lacked the understanding that comes from living with a husband day to day and getting to know him and myself better. There are things my husband and I do that aren’t always what we imagined we might do. My husband says I never do anything wrong, but I know differently. And so, just like children who grow by gaining experience, we grow the same way as adults. We have to put into action the true principles we have learned. It takes patience and determination.

It is worth it.

I have seen in my marriage how love begets love.

Recently, I read a well-known book called The Five Love Languages, which inspired me to evaluate how I show love to my husband and if the ways I think I am showing love really do say “I love you” to him or not. I highly recommend that book!

I also heard a song that is great about love begetting love. It’s called “Love Comes Back” from an EFY album.

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