My best advice to mothers 🗝

Next to loving those around you and developing a partnership with Heavenly Father, the biggest piece of advice I would give to any mother is this:

“By small and simple things are great things brought to pass.”

This piece of knowledge has been a key to joy and peace to me.

It’s all about simplicity. It applies to every area of mothering and nurturing others. Small changes, small choices, small kindnesses are so powerful.

Are you stressed out? Simplify and see what you can eliminate.

Want to change? What is the smallest step you can take today and tomorrow and this week to begin to change?

When I needed and wanted to start exercising, I got a pair of running shoes and went walking. I didn’t have fancy athletic attire. I had old sweats. But I just went. I made it my first priority.

Then I started running a little bit. A mile felt like forever! I was so tired and out of breath!

Then I would go a little further. A neighbor of mine talked about how she would say to herself, “I’m just going to run to that tree.” And she would. And then she would pick a new goal, such as the stop sign, and run to there. That is how she said she increased her distance. I did that. It worked. A little each time. Or increase to a distance and then hold there.

And then pick a new goal! After 5K, it was 10K. And the next summer, a half marathon. And first a sprint triathlon, and then an Olympic distance two years later. Little steps. Small and simple steps.

It is the key to everything you do in mothering and nurturing others, at least as far as my experience goes. I highly recommend keeping this in mind as a mantra. Your pattern. Small. Simple. You can do this!