An Eternal Mother

An Eternal Mother

My mother saw this print hanging in the home of a friend and invited me to come see it. It is called “An Eternal Mother” by Ardith Nadine Oddous (1927-2002) . I don’t know much about it, but I love it and wanted to post in here so I could remember where to find it! I’m cleaning off my laptop desktop so I can free up some space on my computer. Like my physical office desk, my computer desktop needs some cleaning up as well!

2 thoughts on “An Eternal Mother”

  • Ardith Oddous is is my grandmother. I’m so pleased you were touched by her painting. She was a very spiritually sensitive woman and was always an inspiration to everyone around her.

    • Thank you for sharing about her! I bet she was remarkable. Having a spiritually sensitive grandmother is truly a gift.

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