3T: Avoiding another expensive lesson

National Bike Registry


We recently purchased a bike. Before the child for whom we bought the bike could ride it, we took it to the city police department to register it. It was a bit of a hassle trying to squeeze the bike frame in the back of our tiny car (Sarah had the big car), but we made it. I laughed when I found out that we didn’t need to bring the entire bike in! We only needed to bring the following information about the bike:

  • the make
  • the model
  • the color
  • the serial number

The serial number is found on the frame of the bike. Turn the bike upside-down, so that it is resting on the seat and handlebars. You’ll see the serial number imprinted into the metal frame.

Well, that is not a big deal. In our city, the bike license is free. You simply take the info into the police station, and they’ll give you a sticker to put on the frame. THEN, is your child forgets to bring home their sibling’s bike one day, and they forgot to pick it up, and neither you nor the sibling knew, and the police eventually pick it up, they can simply call you instead of selling it at their auction (because they had no record of who it belonged to.)

Which was what happened to us.

Sometimes, we learn the hard way.

The expensive way.

And that is why we got a license before the child could ride the bike.

Happy Registering,

Liz 🙂

P.S. You can also register your bike at the National Bike Registry, either now or if it gets stolen. Prices vary, and registration can last either for 6 months (after it is stolen) or 10-25 years, depending on what you pay. It’s rather reasonably priced ($25 for a family with 5 bikes for 10 year registration). Just FYI.

P.S. Here’s a family bike record form I made to keep track of all that info for your family, if you like keeping records and all that jazz. (I do.) If you want it in a Pages (editable) format, email me.

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