3T: Add V-8

V-8I mentioned how when I went to California for Christmas, my mother-in-law made so many great meals. I learned a great tip from her: add V-8 to your can of soup to extend it. It made every soup she served (with crackers, cheese, grapes and melon) taste better! V-8 is full of vegetables! Love it!

I made some soup (from cans*) for lunch for Rebecca and I, right after I had written something for an application and had mentioned I don’t really like cooking. “You don’t like cooking?!” Rebecca asked astonished. I confessed, but admitted it was part of my job, so I do it. She said she doesn’t love to cook, either! We laughed together.

It’s good to have a kindred spirit in your own family…

Happy Cooking,

Liz 🙂

*Amy’s Organic Minestrone and V-8



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