3T: Bend and stretch

eagle poseDid you ever take dance classes growing up? I loved dance, and I can still hear the words “bend and stretch” in my mind from the many times I stood bending over my legs, fingers (and all of the rest of me) straining to touch my toes.

Ha! I am not a flexible person!

Over the years, motherhood has been teaching me lots of lessons, including the value of bending and stretching.

I’m not talking metaphorically right now, ladies.

I’m literally talking about bending and stretching.

Have you ever had a stiff neck?


Pinched nerves in the hip? back? etc.?

OK. We’re on the same page.

So I’m learning that in order to help prevent and recover from those ailments, I have to do a lot more bending and stretching than I ever wanted to. Prevention is cheaper than reparation. I speak from experience.

This week I decided to go to a yoga class. It was heavenly! It was so much more fun than doing the exercises by myself. I had forgotten that for Christmas, we had gotten a family pass to our community rec center, and so when I remembered (I had just complained to my husband that when we could afford it, I was going to take a yoga class. Silly me!) I decided to just go find what was available. Right then! I arrived not long before a yoga class was going to start. AWESOME!

And so I bent, stretched, reached, twisted, and relaxed.

I even started learning how to do garudasana, or Eagle Pose. Sweet!

I’m no expert. Not even worried about being one. Just enjoyed it.

SO fun! Think I’ll go back!

Happy Bending and Stretching,

Liz 🙂


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