3T: Gift Bags, part 2

In my previous post about fabric bags, I said that I found some photos from a long time ago of making a fabric bag. Here they are:IMG_9879I finished the edges of this one on a serger.

IMG_9888I made the casing and stuck the ribbon under the folded flap and stitched it in the fold of the rectangle before stitching the casing across the top.

IMG_9883After the ribbon was in and the casing stitched, I sew up the bottom and side of the bag,

IMG_9892…stopping before getting to the casing and ribbon.

IMG_9894I did this bag differently since I had this pretty ribbon. I made the casing out of a wider ribbon.

One thing I have learned about giving gifts: It’s not the wrapping that we remember.





It’s what’s inside, and the feeling behind the gift, that makes all the difference.

(I love my husband’s gentle heart.)

Happy Giving,

Liz 🙂







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