3T: Go with greasy hair

Seriously: I am not taking a photo of my greasy hair for this.

But this is one of the ways I have discovered lets me get to the temple.

Going to the temple is challenging for me, because I need to get there and get back in a certain amount of time and get other things done before children are home from school: groceries, errands, laundry, meal prep–you know the routine.

So one way I have decided to make sure that nothing stops me from going is simply getting up, getting dressed to go, and pulling my hair back into a pony. Even if it’s greasy. (Which it usually is, since I have thin, fine hair that does not look very good on the second day. Ever.)

That may not sound like a big deal to anyone, but I realized that if I just let go of a little bit of my vanity (wanting to shower and do my hair before going), that I could save that much time and be at the temple that much faster. Sometimes I can get my exercise and shower in after the temple, just depending on what’s on the program for that day.

I feel grateful that figuring out babysitting isn’t a need right now, allowing me greater flexibility. Stages of life!

Happy Figuring Out What Works for You to Get to the Temple,

Liz 🙂


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