3T: Stovetop potpourri

potpourriOn Saturday, when we were cleaning house “madly” for our company, a child retrieved a 10-gallon cooler of hot chocolate that he’d forgotten about and emptied it into the sink. That left a putrid smell in the whole main floor that had us all gagging. We washed the sink with bleach, put lemons down the disposal, and opened the front and back door to get some extra ventilation. After all that, there was still a remnant that somehow lingered: we didn’t even know how!

So the girls remembered stovetop potpourri and made some ASAP.

Stovetop potpourri (“poh-pour-ree,” as I was teaching my children since I found out they didn’t know how to say it–ah, the life of a former French teacher) is (in our house, at least) any kind of mixture of cut up citrus fruit, cinnamon, whole nutmegs and allspice and water, brought to a boil and then turned down to low to simmer. The one thing you have to remember is not to leave it unattended for a long time because it will eventually boil out, and then (speaking from experience) you will have a burned pan and burned smell in your kitchen. 🙂

Soon our main floor smelled nice again.


Happy Smelling Better,

Liz 🙂

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