3T: Two Towels

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One year I was trying to figure out how to decrease the amount of towel laundry I was doing. It seemed that all the children would grab a towel for their shower or bath and then promptly leave it on the floor, wet and rumpled. I didn’t know whose towel it was to be able to follow up on it. And no amount of reminding (or threatening) seemed to take care of it.

Accountability always helps.

The answer to my prayer about how to solve this problem came at my husband’s annual Christmas work dinner. I sat next to Jon, who–as I recall, and I may not be remembering accurately what he said, but it was what he said that gave me the idea anyway–told me that in their family growing up (and I don’t even know how we got on the topic), they each had a different color towel. I decided right then that I would give each child, for Christmas, two of the same color towels, with each child having a different color. AND I decided to take the towel bars out of the bathroom (with the exception of a hand towel ring) and ask my husband to hang up hooks in the children’s bedrooms. That way, they had to hang their towels up in their rooms, and if one was left on the floor, they would know that I would know WHO left it.


It has worked!*

I love getting practical answers to little (but sometimes very annoying) problems.

Happy Problem-Solving,

Liz 🙂

P.S. Now if we could just get the children to stop using OUR towels when they shower in our bathroom…

*Nothing works 100% of the time, but if it works most of the time, I call it a solution!

2 thoughts on “3T: Two Towels”

  • I do this same thing with colored towels! But I hadn’t thought of hooks- they have so much trouble hanging towels on the towel rack, I’m going to try this.

    • Great minds think alike! I’ve always considered you a great mind!;) Hope you had a happy Thanksgiving! (And we still need to get together to talk kindergarten music one day…)

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