4 steps to simplifying

Mommy and Baby Rebecca
What matters most? People. I need to remember that as I spend time fretting over stuff. Aren’t some of the sweetest moments in life when get to hold those we love in our arms? And babies are just the BEST. Sweet Baby Rebecca is pictured here.

Two weeks ago I got to attend a presentation by Barbara of SimplifyDays.com. She came to our church building and presented during our Relief Society monthly meeting. She did a great job! What an impressive young mother!

I loved her 4 steps to simplifying:

  1. Minimize.
  2. Digitize.
  3. Organize.
  4. Prioritize.

I left her presentation feeling encouraged and validated in my efforts to minimize. It refueled my efforts! Having a big family and being involved in some community projects over the last 6 years has really slowed my effforts to keep stuff from piling up. It’s so easy to accumulate!

I have had to make a very deliberate, focused effort to try to prevent piles. This effort has created in me a desire to minimize the stuff in my life so that I can spend my time on other more important things. I want to simplify my home, simplify my time, simplify my goals, simplify my blog. Haha. How’s that for all-encompassing?!

I’m excited about minimizing and focusing my energy on what really matter to me. (Maybe even a tincey bit obsessed.)

One of the easiest ways I minimize my physical space is to remove the contents from a given space, such as a drawer or cupboard. (I’ve been doing that regularly these days). Then I clean the space and only put back what we need and use on a very regular basis. Each item that goes back into the space needs to have a purpose that fulfills a goal in our lives.

That is the simplest way I know to minimize something.

The implications of minimizing the stuff in our lives are far-reaching. I ask myself, What do I carry physically, emotionally, spiritually, and mentally that I do not need or want? What is simply excess and causing a burden? What can I let go of?

To learn more about simplifying, visit Barbara’s website!

I’m looking forward to learning more from her, including seeing how she organizes her receipts…

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