What a sweet sixteen!

Reposted from July 2010. So much changes in 6 years! Two other daughters have turned “sweet sixteen” since then…

Would you like to know what turning “Sweet Sixteen” meant for Sarah? It meant celebrating her birthday for a whole week with desserts I think every day! It began on the eve of her birthday at a dessert café called “The Chocolate,” with Aunt Lori along as a special guest, to taste the rich chocolate mint brownie offering. Then the next day, which was her birthday, she had cookies and candy given to her by her Suzuki Harp Institute friends (along with her favorite–pizza with everything from The Pie). At night, we drove up to Young Women’s Camp, where the Relief Society had brought up a cake JUST FOR HER BIRTHDAY! That was only 2 days. The rest of the days were just like it. Goodies and dessert at every turn! But it wasn’t until today, Sunday, that Lane was back from Scout Camp, Julia was back from Girl’s Camp, Nate was supposed to be back from his 2 week ranch experience in Idaho (but he stayed 2 extra days at his cousins in Rexburg, boo hoo!), and Sarah and I were finished with her harp camp–AND just hours before Lane had to leave to go out of town(!)–that we finally got to celebrate in our traditional Livingston Birthday Style: the breakfast, the dinner, the dessert. Tonight’s dessert of choice was s’mores, made from these gigantic marshmallows that are about as big as 3 marshmallows! How fun!

Sarah will get her license this week, due to the craziness of our schedule last week, and so she is cramming to finish her online driver’s ed class all day tomorrow. But by week’s end, I should have another DRIVER in the family! She and I are equally jazzed about it!

P.S. While we were at Harp Institute, there was a Salt Lake Tribune reporter asking questions and others taking pictures. I just looked up the article, since I didn’t get to read it the next day. There are 6 photos, and 2 of them are of the ensemble that Sarah plays in. She is on the far right in purple in the photo where there is a teacher in front, and in pink behind the second harp on the right in pink, for those who are really interested :). http://www.sltrib.com/sltrib/home/49928913-75/harp-institute-suzuki-utah.html.csp?page=1

Eyes agog with all of the choices…

Liza wondering whether a cupcake, cookie, or cake slice…

Anna’s choice was easy: the most whipped cream on top!

Even when you’re grown up, it’s more fun eating a delectable dessert with your sister.

Not sure she can eat the whole thing, it’s so rich–even if she is the birthday girl.

Surprise balloons at theory class (8 am) means all 80 harpists

can wish her “Happy Birthday” all day long

Her ensemble performed a Bach “Invention” right after she gulped down her birthday pizza.

There was a rainbow that literally led us to camp on her birthday night,

…all the way from Deer Creek Reservoir to Heber Valley.

The reception by friends just waiting for her to come was great,

but a hug from her sister was even better.

Camp directors think of everything, like birthday crowns!

New friends are also a great birthday gift; the final recital was very welcome

after a week of all that back-and-forth driving and long days.

Birthday breakfasts sure are sweet, too

Here come s’mores (done under the broiler) with the gargantuan marshmallows

They get 10 times this big in the microwave

Check it out!

The ultimate mustache. Ahoy, matey!

Another dessert that the birthday girl couldn’t finish.

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