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Raising Amazing Children LogoI’ve been thinking lately about social media, the purpose of my blog, biology and sharing goodness. As I was contemplating what I wrote about yesterday, my mind went back to my birthday in 2006, when I first had the idea for this blog.

It was my birthday morning, and Lane was taking care of the children so I could think and study and write. Julia came bursting into my room with a concern over a disagreement she’d had with a sibling. As she related her story, I could see that she could only see her story through the lens of blaming the other person. In hearing her story, I could see that both children had clearly contributed to the contention. I prayed about what to say to help her, and an idea came: have her write down all the things that happened, step-by-step. Then I had her mark the parts that were only her behavior. Then I had her draw a line through all the parts that weren’t her and said those were the other person’s responsibility. We talked about her behavior: was there anything she had done that wasn’t Christlike? Even at the age of 9, Julia could discern what she had done wrong. The spirit of understanding came to us both as she began to see what she needed to do to repent. She needed to apologize for what she had done wrong and try not to do it again. We ended on a much calmer and happier note than when we began!

Julia left, and I marveled at how the Spirit had answered my prayers and helped me out. I wondered: Wouldn’t it be wonderful if all of us mothers could share those answers to prayers that help us in teaching our children? Then we could help each other solve our problems–simply by sharing!

Fast forward 10 years. So much has happened since then, both in my own life and in the social media world in general. Many people didn’t even know what a blog was in 2006. Now there are so many “Mom Blogs” in the blogosphere that I can’t even count them.

In 2007, a woman I very much admire spoke about the influence of mothers today. She said, “Home is where women have the most power and influence; therefore, Latter-day Saint women should be the best homemakers in the world” (Julie B. Beck, “Mothers Who Know,” October 2007). I remember, upon hearing that line, that this was a serious challenge she had just extended us. To be the best homemakers, the best nurturers in the world? That could make you feel depressed right then if you didn’t know three things:

  1. The gift of the Holy Ghost is incomparable. With the help of inspiration, we can accomplish miraculous things!
  2. As members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, we have significant knowledge not held by the vast majority of women around the world. That knowledge makes all the difference in how we live our lives! We have the knowledge of how to create happy homes despite the challenges all around us!
  3. We have been saved for this time to live up to the divine nature within us. We have the technological tools, the premortal training, and the gifts and education to do it. With all the “members of the body”–both men and women–who have specialized in developing their own unique gifts and with our ability to share so easily via the internet, we can conquer our challenges. Together we can do anything!*

I have come across some really helpful resources in the last 22 years of being a mother. Now that my blog is organized into the categories that matter most to me–and hopefully simple enough to navigate easily–I am going to try to share more of the goodness I have found in books, experiences, and from other women and what they are sharing online. I am going to group these women (or men) and their specific talents and knowledge into these categories. I hope that as I “train” this tree of knowledge that I am nurturing here, its branches and the fruit hanging on them will be helpful to mothers and nurturers of children who visit here. There is SO much good in the world! Together we really CAN do anything–anything that God needs and wants us to do!

If you have any ideas of how this blog can be more helpful to you as a mother, please contact me! DM me on Instagram (link on sidebar, top) or email me at liz{@}raisingamazingchildren{.}com.

*Kay Marshall and her sister taught me this saying. They have weathered many storms of life together. Kay is one of those women I want to be like when I grow up!


P.S. Don’t you love knowing that Eve was the first to partake of the tree of knowledge? She sought inspiration and acted upon her understanding. She was trying to be exactly obedient and gained experience in the process. She paved the way for each of us to be able to come to earth to join her family and gain the same knowledge that she did. I love Eve!

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