A Wrinkle in Time

I think that I read this book years ago, but it’s been so long that the memory of the story is filed away in some distant, dusty corner of my brain under a pile of so many other memories and is currently unretrievable. So when Sarah and Anna started reading A Wrinkle in Time aloud together this month, I decided to go along for the ride myself.

The movie of this book comes out in the spring of 2018, so it will be fun to read the book before the film. (But books are always better than movies, right?)

I started listening this morning, and it was cool to hear Madeleine L’Engle’s voice speaking before the narration began. She said that when she was wriitng the book, she would read it to her children at night, what she had written that day. They would tell her, “Oh Mother, go back to the typewriter.” Love it!

She also said that people initially complained the book “was much too hard for children and that it was nearly not published. She said she didn’t think so, as her children understood it just fine. (They were 7, 10 and 12 when she read it to them.) I agree! Children understand so much more than people give them credit for, especially when they have grown up being read to from their earliest days.

I especially loved how Madeleine L’Engle closed her Audible introduction: “I hope you enjoy this book. I had a wonderful time writing it.”

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