Baby smiles (Please pray for Maddi)

Baby Lane
Lane as a baby. Love that smile!
Baby photo Liz
Liz as a baby. I wonder how long that pose lasted before I fell over?

Baby smiles are the best! I was visiting with my friend Merilee, whose daughter has been in a coma for weeks now (see Pray4Mad on Facebook). We were talking about how the little things make a big difference, and how smiling babies isn’t just gas. I remember receiving a priesthood blessing from Lane before going into labor with one of our children, that she would look up at me and smile, and I would know she was happy to be in our family. When I held that baby in my arms, and she looked at me and smiled, I knew my Heavenly Father wanted me to understand something about babies and smiles, among other lessons.

I am grateful for baby smiles, for toddler smiles, for young children smiles, for elementary age smiles, for teenage smiles, for missionary smiles, for college children smiles, and for husband smiles, for friend-in-coma smiles. Smiles are just a gift all the way around!

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    • That is a great question, and it probably sounded funny if you hadn’t heard that before. When I was a young mother, what I read about babies smiling said that it was a result of gas. Today I looked online to see what is being said about babies smiling. I found this article that is interesting: The element that is missing from data-based research is the spiritual knowledge we gain from special experiences we have, for example, in a setting like a priesthood blessing. God knows much more than we do, and we don’t always have all the information available to us yet to understand everything we see happening on earth. But he does. I love the little insights we can gain from the gifts of priesthood blessings, conference talks, scriptures, etc.

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