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If you sign up for free on–a publishing company whose mission is to help families be happy–you get a free children’s e-book, Book. Now I don’t prefer e-books to tangible books that you can smell and hold in your hands and hear the sound of turning pages, but Book is a delightful reminder of the wonderful gift that paper books are: you don’t have to charge them, they can’t get viruses, and they can magically transport us again and again to “a place that only you can imagine.”

I love that thought: no one’s imagination of what a story looks like in their heads is quite the same as any one else’s!

Familius prints some really wonderful books. I recommend taking a look! (Plus, you get a free e-book each month!)

(Note: I don’t advertise on my blog. Anything I recommend is simply because I think it will help strengthen women, children, or families.)

To learn other ways to get free books, go here. (Or visit your local library!)

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