Bucket List update

(Photos from our trip to England, May 2017)

Ever since Lane gave me a back-to-school blessing after giving the children theirs, I’ve been searching to know what the one new thing is I should learn this year and become expert in.

Revisiting the bucket list

I’ve been pondering a lot of possibilities. Lane suggested I go over my bucket list (the one I wrote when I was 16, I think, and that he framed for me years ago).

Raising a pig?

I noticed on that list that there are a few things I really am no longer set on accomplishing in this lifetime: being valedictorian, doing a back walkover, doing the splits, parasailing, or raising a pig! LOL

In this post, I’m going to list the things I haven’t done yet and those I have either worked on or completed. (I’m not worried about accomplishing all of the things on my bucket list, since I do have eternity, after all, to learn everything!)

✅ = Completed (at least sufficiently for my desires)

🤪 = I can wait until eternity to learn this one

  1. Be a valedictorian 🤪
  2. Study in France or Switzerland
  3. Learn how to needlepoint ✅
  4. Learn how to tap dance
  5. Learn how to decorate cakes ✅
  6. Sew a prom dress [formal] ✅
  7. Learn how to speak French fluently ≈ ✅
  8. Learn a sport (tennis, gymnastics) ✅
  9. Read all of Book of Mormon, Bible OT/NT, Pearl of Great Price, Doctrine and Covenants ✅
  10. Get on pointe 🤪
  11. Read all of booklist books
  12. Finish all 10 Suzuki Violin books 🤪 [I finished 6 of them and learned songs from books 7, 8 and 10]
  13. Learn to make gourmet foods ✅
  14. Go on a mission ✅
  15. Marry in the temple ✅
  16. Learn German
  17. Learn Spanish
  18. Go to China
  19. Learn to fly
  20. Learn to sing properly ≈ ✅
  21. Learn to play piano ≈ ✅
  22. Learn sign language
  23. Learn to do a back walkover 🤪
  24. Do the splits 🤪
  25. Do geneology (complete four generations)
  26. Write a book ✅
  27. Climb a volcano
  28. Have 7 or 8 children or more ✅
  29. Be an excellent seamstress ≈ ✅
  30. Run a marathon
  31. Learn about child psychology
  32. Learn to arrange flowers ✅
  33. Own a boutique
  34. Go to Japan
  35. Design a dress ✅
  36. Have a shop called “Elizabeth M’s” (or have a shop)
  37. Stay in shape ≈ ✅
  38. Write a song ✅
  39. Learn to grow flowers [plant and care for] ✅
  40. Be a study abroad student
  41. Write a children’s book and do the illustrations, too
  42. Take art classes
  43. Make a quilt ✅
  44. Learn to grow many foods ≈ ✅
  45. Learn to cook well ≈ ✅
  46. Go to Egypt
  47. Go to Israel
  48. Study at Stanford and BYU (←✅)
  49. Learn to ski well and safely (black diamonds)
  50. Visit Tutankhamen’s tomb/the pyramids
  51. Raise a pig 🤪
  52. Raise chickens ≈ ✅
  53. Learn about law
  54. Marry a very good man (who may be able to a stake president or bishop or fun loving and righteous enough to be one) ✅
  55. Have an ice cream parlor in my home ≈ ✅
  56. Go parasailing 🤪
  57. Learn to single waterski ≈ ✅
  58. Learn to write calligraphy ✅
  59. Be morally clean ✅
  60. Learn to embroider ✅
  61. Learn to silk screen ✅
  62. Learn to paint (oil and acrylic)
  63. Run a nursery school and have uniforms (design the uniforms) ≈ ✅ (=Family Power Preschool)
  64. Pay tithing on every single penny I earn
  65. Teach a class in something ✅
  66. Travel to Denmark
  67. Travel to Sweden
  68. Travel to England ✅
  69. Travel to Ireland

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