Building a musical legacy

Today our school orchestra and choir recorded the song “We’re Building a Musical Legacy” that I and Nathan Hoffeins wrote a couple of years ago. We recorded it so that the rest of the school can learn it to sing all together for the school Art Gala assembly. It’s always a joy to get to hear children perform together! They work and bring that work to fruition as a whole, and it’s really satisfying to do it all together. I was really proud of them and grateful for their parents and the parent and community volunteers who put so much love into helping these children learn to make music.

After we recorded it, I went to the computer lab to ask our keyboarding teacher about burning the mp3 file to CD’s for those teachers who use a CD player in their classrooms. The class that was there was supposed to do some testing online, but the internet wasn’t working. While the tech guy worked on the problem, I taught the class the first verse of the song. It was SO fun! In 15 minutes they had it learned, and that was all the time either of us had to spend on it, so they went back to their class and we performed it for their teacher. Ta dah!

One of the best things about teaching music to children is how interdisciplinary it is. You are using all different parts of the brain to talk, sing, and move all at once. If the instruction is fast-paced, children who are at times ancy are much more engaged, giving them a break from the boredom of sit-and-listen work. I love it. I love children and how eager they are to learn and try! When we performed “as a choir,” one little girl put her hands together in front of her (think Sound of Music when they Von Trapp Family singers are standing singing “So Long, Farewell” and their hands are clasped in front of them with elbows bent). Too cute! Classic choir pose! Made me smile.

I hope that people will compose more songs for their children’s schools and share it with others! That’s what my website is for. Together, people who want to make a difference in the world for children and music and give a little of their time to benefit many children.

We’re building a musical legacy
Something great to share
We’ll build our skills and talents, too,
Then show the world we care
By sending out our sound and song
Because there is a need
Come join us on our journey there
We know we will succeed!

To learn more about contributing music to my music website, email me: liz[at]freedeliciousmusic[dot]org.

To download the sheet music for this song, go here. (Please note: The last note of the song should be a dotted half note. It is written as a whole note, but needs to be changed.)

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