Captain Moroni Costume

When my oldest son was little, his favorite story was about Captain Moroni. We read that story until sometimes I’d try to persuade him to choose another one, to little avail. (It is still his favorite.)

So I decided to make him a Captain Moroni costume, just like the one in the book we read. I painted a shield and sewed a cape and a tunic-armor thing. I also painted perhaps 40 little wooden buttons and embroidered them onto a “breastplate.” It took hours and was truly a gift of heart and soul.

Captain Moroni Costume

He loved it! And he wore it a lot.

And then one day the “breastplate” disappeared. I was so sad! If it ever surfaces–I’m not sure there is another one quite like it–and you happen to see it, will you let me know? I’d sure love to find it.

I know this is an absolutely crazy request, but I’ve had some crazy “finding” experiences in my life, so I figured it’s worth putting it out there! Ask, and ye shall receive….

Happy Wondering,

Liz 🙂

P.S. What is the most fun costume you have ever made for a child?

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