How I clean a toilet in 5 minutes or less

Here’s my spontaneous Saturday morning tutorial, for all of you sitting on the edge of your seats waiting to learn! 😂

So it’s a little awkward but hilarious. This is me as I look on a Saturday morning, hair pulled back and working clothes on. No need for make-up! Please pardon the filming–it would be better re-done, but who has time for that today? (I can hear my children saying, “Ain’t nobody got time for that!”) I have work to do!

Happy Cleaning!

Notes on the conversation during the video: We went to Asilomar for a family reunion. That’s where I met the cleaning woman at the laundry mat who told me about her health problems related to cleaning chemicals. She had to stop cleaning for a while, which was her full-time job, and then returned with natural cleaning products.


I have used vinegar before, but decided I wanted to use it all the time. Cheaper, simpler. I know that many people just use water with their Norwex rags. I don’t. I just want to know that it is absolutely sanitized. It is the TOILET after all.


I like Norwex cleaning cloths for specific jobs, but we don’t use them exclusively. They are pricey! We use old hand towels, socks that have holes in them, cut up t-shirts, and other rags for our cleaning. I don’t use paper towels very often, except in the kitchen with cooking. Why spend lots of money on cleaning?

Cleaning card

The steps I used in this video are different from the card I prepared for my children. But it’s essentially the same, and I don’t care which order of steps my children clean it if they get it all clean.

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