Dear Beautiful Bride

Congratulations on your marriage! Getting married to my husband in the temple was the best decision I ever made. Our marriage has been a both wonderful and challenging journey. We’re still novices, with barely 20 years under our belts. Check back with us in 50 more and then we’ll really have something to say!

There are so many gifts I wish I could give you to help you create heaven in your home! I’d love to wrap them all up in a pretty basket with a beautiful bow and all the love I could squeeze in! Alas, my budget doesn’t permit me to do that. So I’m just going to choose one or two things to give you (tagged with a number that corresponds to the list below) and wish you well on your beautiful journey ahead.

But there’s one more gift I can give you that’s wrapped up. It’s this blog. I have started writing on my blog to share my experiences, recipes, homemaking tips, quotes and other ideas to help encourage you on your way. If you have a question that you want another perspective on, please email me, I’ll do my best to share what I have discovered or what someone else has shared with me. I know you have lots of other people to go to–I can’t take anyone’s place! But if I can be an additional friend who lightens your load in any way, that is just what I’d like to do.

In my challenging moments, I’ve always been grateful for earthly (and heavenly!) hands to hold. I’m grateful for the family members and kind women who have been there for me. I want to return the favor!

The gifts I’ve chosen to give stem from Elder Enrique R. Falabella’s recent talk.  We’ve tried and found his 6 main points to be true:

  1. The temple is the place.” My husband and I have found we are able to resolve problems much easier when we go to the temple together. We love having a beautiful picture of the temple in each room in our home–not only the temple in which we were married, but also temples that our ancestors helped build or attended. I have learned more at the temple about organizing my home and life than anywhere else. The pattern for everything we worry and wonder about is there. I love it!
  2. “To contend, you need two people.” Ooh, this is an AWESOME phrase! My husband and I are not in the group of couples who can say, “We never argued a day in our marriage.” But we know that contention is a serious trap, so we’ve really worked on it. God is really helping us learn how to live peaceably and resolve concerns without contending. One day I know, with God’s help, we’re going to be able to say we don’t have contention in our marriage any more.
  3. “A child who sings is a happy child.” Whether you are blessed with children to grace your family, singing and beautiful music will make your home more heavenly. We were surrounded by music in heaven. (Have you ever noticed how many verses talk about us singing in choirs in heaven?!) Harp music, other instruments, singing–it’s all there. Singing and making music is a stress-reliever (…as an adult. Don’t ask a practicing child if it is.*) So to bring some of heaven down to earth, remember to sing. You can learn a lot about living successfully from the hymns and children songs lyrics!
  4. “I need you to hug me.” All I want to say is that there is a really important reason God gave us appropriate human touch. Heavenly Father and His Son, our Savior, are the ones who longs to encircle us in the arms of their love! Hugs, holding hands, kissing–it’s all good and is a priority part of happy home life!  When my husband and I have been unsure about something, God has been our source for help. We ask Him to clarify or teach us. “There is beauty all around when there’s love at home.” “Kiss and make-up.” Good lessons, especially for married couples!
  5. “I love the Book of Mormon and my Savior, Jesus Christ.” We read the scriptures–especially the Book of Mormon–every day, individually and as family. We’re not perfect at it, but we are consistent in trying.  The scriptures have helped our family learn how the Savior saves us from more mistakes than we can count or remember. He is absolutely our Rock, our Foundation, our Guide, our Hope. We can’t recommend studying the scriptures and relying on Him more!
  6. “It is not enough to know the scriptures; we have to live them.” Amen. “To know is to do.” That’s why God gave us marriage and parenthood. Living the scriptures teaches us how to live up to our privileges** and includes having FUN–all those “wholesome recreational activities (cooking, reading, playing games, exercising, working together, and a hundred other ideas). Speaking of WRA’s, don’t forget “The Family: A Proclamation to the World,” your roadmap for success in scripture application.

Best wishes on your marriage! We love you and pray for your success!

Happy Heaven-on-Earth Creating,

Liz 🙂 (and family!)

*I was visiting with a friend last night who told me that one her children, when he was five, asked her, “When can I take piano so you can yell at me?” Ha! Hilarious.

**Have you seen this funny video?

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