Dear Daisy: My story in letters

Did you know that suicide is “a leading cause of death” in the United States, and that suicide rates are rising? (See Mental health is a topic of our day, and for good reason. We need to reduce negative stigmas through the sharing of our own experiences and helpful education efforts.

Last week, I taught a lesson to a group of adults and youth at church (not my own church congregation) on this topic. In preparation for my lesson, I spent several weeks studying about, listening to, discussing, and thinking about mental health. I also reviewed the past thirty+ years of my personal experience with mental health. I felt a growing desire to share my story with a dear friend of mine, and I thought perhaps the best way I could do that would be in letters.

And so this is the beginning of “Dear Daisy” posts, which will be my thoughts, musings, impressions and experiences with mental health and related topics. I am NOT a mental health professional. These letters aren’t meant to replace any medical professional advice given to the reader. They are simply an expression of my love. I hope that these letters will be a blessing to someone, somewhere, so that they might know they are not alone.

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