Dear Daisy (no.4): Grow As We Go–sticking together through the rollers

Dear Daisy,

I was making dinner and watching (and then eating alone as my family all had to scatter hither and yon to their various commitments) “Don’t Miss This”–I can do that kind of thing since I no longer have children holding onto my legs or standing on food storage buckets to help me cook 😉&😓–when Emily Belle Freeman mentioned a song she loves that I hadn’t heard of: “Let It Be Jesus” by Christy Nockels. And so, as I sometimes do, I looked up the song and listened. I was really touched by Christy’s message and also by the worshipping spirit of those who were at her concert. I love thinking about Christians and other wonderful people of other faiths around the globe celebrating The Good and goodness wherever they find it!

And, as I sometimes do, I saw a link to a song by Ben Platt, a voice that one of my daughters in particular has loved listening to, and it caught my attention. I listened, and loved it. The lyrics reminded me of this week. I mean, it’s only Tuesday, but the weekend was really hard, and Monday was the hardest of all.

If I were to guess, I would say it was my total change of routine from exercise, post-marathon recovery. Because Saturday I went to Pilates, which felt so good, but wasn’t enough of a workout to make up for all the rest days of last week. Then Monday it took everything to get out and run two miles and then run/walk the last almost-mile. But a nap and better night’s sleep and then after swimming laps this morning I seriously felt like almost back to myself again.

The reason I’m telling you all this is that this weekend I was so cranky and out of sorts, and Monday morning I just felt so contrary and sorry for Lane having to put up with the challenge of my emotional rollercoaster. I thanked him for his patience after our morning prayer, because I could see that he had been so patient and kind all weekend, even when I hadn’t been. I was truly feeling gratitude for him. I guess after you have a parent who left your other parent, you never take for granted love and fidelity. You know they are what God expects, but it doesn’t mean it’s easy.

And so that’s why I wanted to share this song. Because I think that is what marriage is all about: we grow together. I know the song is about a break-up, but I think it can be for sticking together when times gets tough! Lane has been around the block with me enough to know that I don’t want to struggle with sleep (and end up sleep-deprived), and that I want to exercise and never have to deal with hormonal changes and that I want to never have an off day! He knows all too well. But that’s just what I’ve been dealt. It’s my package deal. And he knows I work hard at it, to try to improve how I deal with my challenges and work to make the ups and downs less frequent. But we all have ups and downs! I’m so grateful that Lane believes in growing as we go, and that we both know that Christ will help us pull through the rough spots.

I remember two weeks ago–already!!–when I was visiting with my friend at the church as we cleaned windows together and found out that the marathon course had rollers and hills! I had heard that it was “all downhill.” I was SO thankful to Jenn for telling me that it wasn’t all downhill. Then I knew what to expect.

Life is ups and downs–for our course to include rollers. Life is not just all downhill. It’s part of our covenant to hold fast to Christ as we run uphill and down, and sometimes to have sore knees and hamstrings and calves because of it. Emotionally. Physically. Spiritually. Mentally.

Thank goodness we get to grow together as we go. I love my covenant marriage–because my husband works hard to keep his covenants. I love the Maker of our covenant.

Love, Liz

P.S. I found one more video I had to share: Piano Guys (always fabulous) and Charity and Andres. It said it is a farewell dance because Andres is leaving to serve his mission for 2 years.

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