Elder Livi Update: Surprise early return!

Little Pete with Big Bro Nate
Little Pete and Big Bro Nate about 8 years ago.

This little brother (and all of his siblings and parents) were SO excited yesterday to hear from Elder Livi’s mission president that because of this recent P-day foot injury and the needed recuperation time (he’s not supposed to be up and around for 10 more days), he is coming home early! Next week! We are looking forward to a joyful reunion! Our countdown suddenly went from 48 days to 6!

We would appreciate your prayers as the trip will be long and challenging to travel through several airports with an injured foot. Thank you to each of you who has prayed for him his whole mission!

As I drove home this morning from an errand, I was thinking about a text one of my mission companions sent me this morning.  Her text helped me remember how, just a few short years ago, Sarah’s double-wrist injury–the day before she was supposed to play the harp at her grandfather’s funeral, and a week or so before she was supposed to audition to be a harp major–helped change the course of her life. Quite literally. God is a genius at knowing how changes in our lives will affect us and helps us adjust.

This fall I bought maybe 80 (?) tulip, galanthus, and allium bulbs to plant in my flower garden. But because of choices, schedule, health, and weather, I didn’t get them in the ground as I normally do. Yesterday, with the rain that melted the snow and the few hours of warmer temperatures, I went out with the puppy and dug up the ground. It was soft and easy. I planted those bulbs! I felt so excited that it might not be too late to still enjoy the bulbs I had chosen. I was so grateful for that window of time–a tendermercy in the beginning of January!–because not too long after I went inside, the weather changed, rain started up and snow was falling at nightfall. But my bulbs are in the ground.

Events big and small that we think can be a hardship (and are) can turn out to be blessings in the long run. God helps us out with all of them, doesn’t he? He is always there for the early and late moments. Knowing this, we are really looking ahead with optimism and lots of gratitude that we will get to see Elder Livi all the sooner!

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