Elder Nate Update: More “Just great stuff all around”

Elder Livi was so excited to report that he did NOT get transferred today! And neither did his companion! They DID move apartments and pensions, though. He didn’t tell us before, but the walls were covered in mold and the toilet didn’t work the entire transfer that they were there. They weren’t using the toilet often because of that, which they felt was beginning to affect their health. So he is SO happy with the new apartment: DRY WALLS, TWO BATHROOMS with toilets that WORK, and a ROOF. (We didn’t get details about why the roof was significant. Hmmm.)

He is very excited about the new pension. He said they are the nicest family ever, and sang that little “cover” of “I Feel My Savior’s Love” that included above. ☺

They worked really hard this week, teaching lots of lessons and “killin’ it!” The weather is very cold. He said that there are two seasons: the cold, rainy season, and the colder “ice fall” season when everything freezes and it is VERY cold. His companion, who comes from humble circumstances, did not have sufficient clothing. Elder Livi gave him his gloves, warm socks, sweat pants, etc. Even though Nate is taller, and the clothes are a little too big, his companion is warmer.

THAT is what a mission is all about. THAT made me so happy!

Julia gave Nate some wool socks for Christmas that I wasn’t able to send with his Christmas package, so I mailed them in January, and they arrived last week. It’s interesting how the timing on the socks was providential so that this companion who needed warm socks could get them. The Lord’s “fingerprints” are definitely on that! He knows how to help us when we want to help care for his children, even when it feels like we are messing up. Getting a late Christmas gift out after the fact is turned into just the right timing.

I asked him what he learned from the Holy Ghost this week. He answered:

I taught about the power of the Holy Ghost like 5 times this week, and I learned that when we have a true testimony, the Holy Ghost is there, too.

I asked him in an email today what he learned from the people in his area this week. He wrote:

“I’ve learned that its important to listen. I’ve had a few people TALK AND TALK AND TALK and my comp would interrupt or a member would, but that only resulted in the loss of the Spirit. It might be boring, but it’s important.”

(That reminds me of how much I listened as a missionary. I had forgotten. I remember thinking that there are a lot of Heavenly Father’s children who simply need to be heard.)


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