FF: Cartwheel Party and Mini Pizzas

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I had a little party with my Primary class yesterday to celebrate our scripture memorization progress. We called it a “Cartwheel Party” because I have some children in my class who love to do cartwheels. So we celebrated with cartwheels and circular-shaped food. The children made their own mini pizzas and had round ice creams sandwiches. My favorite comment was from a child who said, “I had fun today!” as if it were a surprise! LOL. I, too, was relieved that they and fun! I certainly don’t want to host a boring party!

I also loved how one child took his dough and immediately started to shape a snake. How creative! When he handed me his pizza pan, only the head of the snake remained. I asked what happened. A little sheepish grin crept on his face when another child declared, “He ate it!”

I was out taking pictures of them playing soccer and doing cartwheels a little too long when I came in to take the pizzas out. One of the children asked me if they were BURNED. I said, “No, they are just the way we like them!” (That’s what my friend’s grandmother used to say about burnt toast.)

I LOVE children! They make me smile!

Making pizza is SO easy. Seriously. The homemade dough takes maybe 10 minutes to make, and the sauce takes perhaps another 5. (Here’s the recipe: Pizza Dough and Sauce) Then you throw on some toppings (I thought those mini pepperoni were adorable), bake them for perhaps 12 minutes, and voilà. Cute pizzas they are proud of!

Happy Cartwheeling,

Liz 🙂

P.S. I got the mini pizza pans at a restaurant supply place a long time ago when Peter was little and a part of a preschool playgroup. The boys LOVED making mini pizzas. We like pulling out the pans for parties such as this one.

P.S. A new friend of mine said that her preschooler invited his little friends over for a shrimp party! She heard about it after the fact, and so what did she do? Rolled up her sleeves and started peeling shrimp…Way to have a celebratory spirit!



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