FF: “Let It Go” in Chinese!

I have been working all day on some online support materials for my kindergarteners and beginning strings students.

After a phone conversation with my sister, in which she told me about my niece trying to learn to sing “Do You Want to Build a Snowman?” in French, I decided I wanted to teach my kindergarteners to sing it in French! So I searched online and discovered that you can find almost any song from “Frozen” in almost any language. Astounding.

Then Julia came home and said that they are learning “Let It Go” in her Chinese class. So we plopped down on the couch (Julia, Eliza, and I) and tried to sing along with the video.

May I just say, I should have labeled this post “LOL” instead of Friday Fun because it was pretty hilarious. I would LOVE to speak Chinese–I truly love learning languages–but trying to read it and sing it all at once? Let’s just say that Eliza and I were singing “kung fu” about every third line. Sort of.

But we sure had fun!

Happy Singing,

Liz 🙂

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