FF: Snorkeling


I learned how to snorkel this week.


On our honeymoon, Lane tried to teach me how to snorkel.

But it was LaJolla, California. The day was chilly and overcast. The water was freezing. I was freezing. My teeth were chattering. If you know how much I enjoy being cold, you could guess that I had about a negative 100% desire to learn how to snorkel.

That was the end of that.

I know. Boring.

Did I ever mention that I have never broken a bone in my body except for my pinkie toe? I know! I just am not a super daring person physically. Ahem.

Well, Lane and I got to go on a business/vacation trip this week to a wonderful, warm corner of the earth. And my sister-in-law lent me her snorkeling mask and my mother-in-law’s water socks, and the water was really nice. Lane and I had kayaked out in some very shallow water out, and I stuck my face in the water. I breathed through the tube. And I saw fish! Striped fish! Polka-dotted fish! Neon blue-edged fish*! And coral*! Magenta, foam-like fingered coral and black spikey stuff! And it was SO COOL!

I overcame my fear of snorkeling! Yahooo!

You know, I was thinking when I was out there how much I would love to give my children this experience. Or other children, such as those with disabilities who sit in wheelchairs all day. I felt so buoyant in the water, and once I understand how to breathe and relaxed, I felt totally comfortable. I could imagine a child who is wheelchair-bound feeling perhaps the same way. (Of course, you’d have to carefully watch their face to see if they were enjoying it and feeling safe.) I’d like to help a child have that experience someday.

A whole new world.

I felt so happy inside overcoming that anxiety that I’ve had all these years about snorkeling.

Hope I get to do it again.

Happy Having New Experiences,

Liz 🙂

*I think they were angelfish or parrotfish. The coral was really cool and looks like a brain. Indeed, I learned it is called brain coral. I think the finger-like stuff was maybe tube sponge.

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